What I Can Teach You About Weed

Amazing Ways To Enjoy Your Weed

Statistics shows that weed is rapidly becoming a common place out there. And a fifth of Americans who are over eighteen use marijuana. That is a screaming 55 million people. What is shocking, though, is the fact that the larger segment comprises of parents. Be it for medical use or recreational use; the thing is, weed is widespread these days.

So, if you are interested in how to find satisfaction that you need from this famous drug, you need not stress yourself anymore because you have your answers right here.

You may want to try out the apple pipie – and this can be amazing choice for you. Acquire an apple and detach the stalk. Drill a hole all the way to the center from the point in which the stalk was attached; and you can use anything provided you get to achieve what you want.

You then have to drill another hole – preferably larger than the previous one, and let it reach the center of the apple. Now you are ready to blaze the thing and feel the taste. All that you have to do is to put your precious weed at the top hole and light it up – and then start enjoying it. It is revitalizing; a feeling that you would not want to forget.

You may also try out an aluminum foil plus a plastic bottle. And this should be something that you can design with the skills that you have. Find an old plastic and the foil. Remove the cap and the create two holes, one that will be used for smoking, and one at the side for your carb.

You can easily make use of your lighter to create these holes, all that you need to be wary of is the toxic fumes that are emitted. Then wrap a tin foil all way round the bottle’s mouthpiece. Make a tiny indentation and the create some holes on the top. You are ready to feel the amazing experience by placing your marijuana on the newly designed smoking bowl.

You can also try out your gravity bong. It is such an amazing smoking accessory. Just like the previous one, you require an uncapped plastic bottle as well as a foil to make one. What you need to do with this one to place the tin foil that you have acquired onto the top of the bottle and the create some holes. You should see any challenge doing this on your own. You’re done in the next few minutes; just cut the uncapped bottle at the bottom.

Then find a bigger bottle; cut it into half and keep the bottom section so that you can fill it with normal water. You then have to partly plunge the smaller bottle into the larger that contains water and then have the weed in the bowl, light it the slowly raise the bottle so that you can have the smoke fill the bottle. Remove your foil and inhale the smoke while pushing the smaller bottle slowly into the water.

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